What exactly are The Key City Tours?

Our tours take place in the city center of St. Cruz and are for everybody. Whether as a bachelorparty, business event to strengthen the community or as a group of friends who want to finally experience something new.

Explore the city in a completely different way!

Each team is equipped with a tablet, roadbook and other useful tools. The tablet serves as an interactive map, is needed to solve GPS-based tasks and you can permanently shoot photos and videos, which we collect for you and send you afterwards.

You determine the route!

The action-tours got no “real” route. We have placed the spots over the whole city and you can decide which way you are going.

Take a drink or aim for the highscore!

How many riddles you solve is up to you. But it can be very advantageous to solve the tasks with speed, so that you complete as many tasks as possible and clear the full score.

Restaurant, pub recommendations and much more!

If you do not care so much about it, you can take a seat in the beer garden and start again after a refreshment. We’ve put together a variety of restaurants and pubs for you to stop by or have a drink after the tour.

Guaranteed no boredom!

The tours include a variety of different tasks: photo and video tasks, multiple-choice questions and some sporting activity provide plenty of variety.

What are you waiting for?!

Crime Academy

Relentless pursiuts, tricky brain teasers and dangerous ransom deliveries await you at the Crime Academy. The city of St. Cruz is hereby your playground in which you have to go on a criminal hunt and prove your investigative skills.

Beat the Bachelor

In order to find out if the future groom is really ready for marriage, we have developed a special city rally. He has yet to prove himself one last time in varied challenges against his buddies.


You are looking for an alternative event for your bachelorparty? With the city rally you go on a digital scavenger hunt through our beautiful city of St. Cruz. Your bride and the whole group will remember this unforgettable event for a lifetime.

You got questions about the tours and the procedure? You will find help here.

Does every group get a tablet?
Yes. Each group gets a tablet for the whole tour. This is necessary to get to the tasks and to do them.
How long is one tour?
That depends on the tour. Usually the tours take between two and four hours. On some tours it is up to you how many tasks you solve.
Where is the beginning?
All tours start directly in the city center. We will tell you the exact starting point after the booking.
Our group size exceeds the maximum number of participants per team.
That is absolutely no problem. We divide you into two equally strong teams and let you compete against each other. The software distributes points after a task has been solved, so the whole thing gets a little competitive.
What happens when it rains?
The Key City Tours are outdoor events and in some cases it can rain. However, our team works the whole year and ensures that the teams are provided with capes or umbrellas.
Can I play the whole day?
Yes and no. Our Crime Academy and bachelor tours have a fixed timeframe. If this is exceeded, you can not continue playing and the materials must be returned. But you have enough time to do it all.
The number of participants is still uncertain. Can we book anyway?
We book all people who are confirmed. If you want to come with more people, we will expand the booking. However, a cancellation is only possible up to a certain time free of charge.
We are stuck in traffic!
We ourselves know how bad the traffic can be. We try our best to push you in between, but it is a fixed date, which should be strictly adhered to. So start driving earlier than to arrive too late.
How can I tell if my desired date is still available?
Thats is quite easy. You simply look in our booking calendar and select your desired date. Then all times will be displayed. The green deposited are still free and the gray unfortunately already taken.
Do I have to pay the tour in advance?
After your appointment has been booked and you have received an order confirmation, a deposit of 50% of the invoice amount is to be paid. The remaining amount has to be paid 7 days before the event.
Can I change my reservation?
You can change your reservation to a certain date.
Check our terms and conditions for more informations.

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